Dedicated to Salsa (including Mambo, Cha-cha, Afro-Cuban, Puerto Rican, and Latin Jazz music). Essentially, the beloved rhythms that have captured the hearts and minds of music lovers around the world for almost 100 years!. There are plenty of venues out there, that are not particularly devoted to salsa, even if they say that they are. Salsa as a genre is being severely threatened. If you truly love this music, then you need to really support it. If not, it will disappear. Think about that. What would life be like if you could never enjoy salsa dancing again? That could be where we are headed unless we do something. The fear of salsa disappearing is what made me create "The Salsa Empire". Please come out and finally enjoy yourself in “Strictly Salsa” events where you can dance to your heart's content without having to put up with other formats while you are waiting for a salsa song to come back on.

Salsa Empire was co-founded by Nancy Alonso, "The First Lady of Salsa".

The late great Tito Puente was known as the King of Latin Music, or El Rey (in Spanish).  The 6-time Grammy award winner, graduate of Julliard, and WWII veteran, recorded over 120 albums in his lifetime, and also appeared in Woody Allen’s “Radio Days”, “The Mambo Kings”, “The Simpsons” as well as “Sesame Street”.  When it comes to his son, the comparison is undeniable.  How could it be otherwise? Tito Puente Jr. carries his father with him imprinted on his physical being and locked in his soul.  He is determined to nurture the musical legacy left by his father.   Tito Puente Jr’s 2004 album, “In My Father’s Shoes” featured classic Puente titles and was spun into a BET Jazz television special of the same name.  Other CD releases include “Got Mambo?” and “The King and I” which was dedicated to the 20 years since his father’s passing and contains new music as well as mambo classics.   He has appeared on television programs, such as NBC’s “The Apollo at 70: A Hot Night in Harlem”; ABC’s “One Life To Live”, and “Dancing With The Stars” plus the “2023 Hispanic Heritage Awards” which aired on PBS.  
Cape Cabaret is honored to be included as part of the international tour schedule commemorating the centennial birthday of Tito Puente.  Join us to see and hear how his legacy exudes from his namesake, Mr. Tito Puente, Jr. 

All for one price, $60.00 (show, dinner, soft drinks and gratuity)
all seats are assigned. Proper attire required. Doors open at 5 pm for happy hour, salsa beginner class at 6 pm, dinner between 6 and 8:30 pm. Dancing until 11 pm. The ticket window is open. Go to and click on event calendar and search for MAR 16 and pick your favorite seats.